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Trustly Casino

Gambling platforms are established in their hundreds every day, and they all promise amazing features and bonuses. New players constantly go through the hassle of confirming these sites for great services in areas like deposits, withdrawals, mobile compatibility and others. Thankfully, we at Trustly-Casino.org ensure you don’t have to go through all that anymore.

Pay N Play Casino

Trustly casinos

Deposit and get 100% up to £50

Introduction To Trustly Online Casinos

The operations of pay n play casinos is overseen by Trustly. Meaning that they have access to the company’s advanced payment system. Trustly developed this technology so that players can make payments with more ease, and also to eradicate age-long filling of forms, inputting passwords and usernames during online casino registration. Players will no longer be delayed by a confirmation email as this step has also been erased. Your gambling will commence instantly after you fund your casino account.
The Trustly payment solution is backed by an upgraded security network and also works together with online banking providers to verify the identity of users. This makes Trustly casinos safe and secure compared to conventional casinos.

Our team of experts have diligently compiled a list of Trustly pay n play casinos that will change your gambling experience forever. In case you don’t know, a pay n play casino is a type of online casino that goes beyond the norm. Regular online casinos will require players to create an account before using their services but pay n play casinos do not.

Pay n play casinos are powered by Trustly, a fintech company that allows players to make instant deposits and withdrawals with only the use of their BankID in real-time. What this means for punters is that they don’t need to create an account or provide a username or password before bagging a membership at a trustly online casino.

Brand New Trustly Casinos

Every day there is a trustly new online casino that is making its debut in the gaming industry. Equipped with the latest games, welcome bonuses, and outstanding user experience, it’s no surprise that players mostly gravitate towards new online casinos.

Both old and new trustly online casinos may appear similar on the surface, but when you look closely, you will discover that there is more to gain from new trustly online casinos in terms of better gaming experience. Keep reading this page, to find brand new trustly casinos!

How A Trustly Casino UK Works

A pay n play casino operates with Trustly’s advanced payment solution. Players will not be tasked with submitting their KYC data; the casino handles that through the pay n play payment processor. As intrusive as it sounds, the casino will only take the same information a regular casino would require. A Trustly casino takes away the stress associated with registering at an online casino and makes the whole process pretty straightforward. Also, linking your BankID to the casino guarantees that you will enjoy instant payments all the time.

This technology is the answer to the complaints of slow withdrawals and deposits made by players for years. Pay n play casinos address this by making every financial transaction faster. Now players can start and finish their payments within a minute or two. With a Trustly casino, players can now enjoy secure and fast transfer of money from bank to casino and vice-versa.

Casinos that use Trustly also allow players to pause their game when tired or busy and continue at their convenience. This will help players to gamble with a clear head, thereby saving them from losses.

The following steps will guide you on how to go about your deposits and withdrawals at a Trustly casino:


  • Pick a Trustly casino from our list and click instant play.
  • Type in the amount you want to start gambling with.
  • Pick your country from the list of countries.
  • Chose your bank by clicking on its logo.
  • Provide your BankID or online banking information.
  • Shortly after this, you will receive an email or SMS which should be used to confirm the transaction.
  • Trustly then goes on to verify your identity and the information needed for account creation will be sent to the Trustly pay n play casino operator in the background to get your account ready.
  • Start gambling.


Trustly casinos have made sure that withdrawal requests are processed faster than traditional casinos would. With a single click, your withdrawal will be completed and your funds sent to your bank account within the minute.

  • Before you request for your winnings, make sure there is no uncompleted wagering requirement. This step must be taken if you claimed any bonus.
  • Go to the cashier page and select Trustly as your withdrawal method.
  • State the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Chose your country of residence.
  • Pick the bank that is the same with your branch and input your BankID or online banking details for verification.
  • Now make your withdrawal.

What is Trustly?

Before its present name was adopted, Trustly used to be called InstaBank. Trustly is a financial technology company that is headquartered in Sweden, and the originator of the pay n play payment technology. Trustly provides a direct connection between consumers and merchants or service providers through their bank account.

Online casinos collaborate with Trustly to ensure lengthy registrations and payments are eradicated. Players will no longer provide their personal details in order to access an online casino.

Having been tested and certified effective, Trustly’s identification method is now widely accepted by private businesses and the government. This is why the technology can be found in e-commerce outfits and also in pay n play casinos. You can be rest assured that all transactions initiated with Trustly is KYC compliant. Devices where this identification method works include Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. Presently, Trustly has a presence in more than 29 European countries and there are active plans for expansion.

Pros And Cons Of A Trustly Casino

The latest trend for online casino gamblers is the pay n play casinos. It does not make use of the traditional registration method and account funding can all be rounded up in less than 5 minutes. Players who want something more out of online gambling have found their answer in pay n play casinos. They deliver on fast payouts, generous bonuses and promotions, a wide range of games, and lots of other features while staying true to the best practices of the industry. Despite their groundbreaking attributes, casinos that use Trustly still have some improvements to make and this section would provide knowledge about them.


  • Very fast withdrawals
  • No need for documents
  • Lengthy registration processes eradicated
  • Two-factor authentication used to make banking security stronger


  • Works together with a third-party pay n play service provider
  • Cashout limit is imposed on certain financial merchants
  • Banks sometimes deduct transaction fees

Pure And Hybrid Casinos

Pay n play casinos are gradually becoming the face of the iGaming industry as Online Banking ePayments (OBeP) have continued to impress players as a trustworthy payment technology. This new movement is fast gaining members, including established online casino operators, who want a taste of this efficient payment tool.
Trustly enjoys the partnership of hundreds of online casinos, but it is important to state that not all of them are pay n play casinos. This means that there are two types of online casinos linked to Trustly; the pay n play casino and the hybrid casinos (combination of the conventional and pay n play options).

Pure Pay N Play Model

This model was created for convenience and simplicity. Players can enjoy the full pleasures of a Trustly casino UK with just their BankID. This includes making deposits, withdrawals and playing the latest casino games. A pure model does not require account registration for access. Players have the luxury of pausing their gameplay at anytime they want and continue at a later time by clicking the “Continue Playing” button.

Hybrid Model

This online casino model came about by joining the old and new online casino options together. The hybrid model gives players the freedom to choose to either use Trustly strictly as their payment method or the traditional deposit and withdrawal methods. Choosing the hybrid casinos will make you still subject to account verification after registration. However, players will not be exempted from the instant payments associated with the pay n play model.

Our Top Picks

Deposit and get 100% up to £50

Key Things To know About Pay N Play Casinos

Pay n play is the brainchild of one of the best financial providers in the world by name Trustly. Based in Sweden, this company has built a good reputation for itself in the online gambling market. Being the pioneer of the instant play payment technology, Trustly has paved the way for other companies to spring up and thrive.

A pay n play casino satisfies the innermost desire of every player, which happens to be instant deposits and withdrawals. Players can fund their accounts quickly and also withdraw from them at the same speed without even registering for an account or being compelled to undergo KYC verification, like it’s done in other casinos.

The technology obtains every information it needs about the player from their BankID, such as identification details and proof of address. All it takes is three steps for you to get your gambling started.

As it stands, Know Your Customer (KYC) has become a part and parcel of the iGaming industry. It is required by regulators to minimize criminal activities. With this technology, casinos can verify the identity of their clients, and also ensure that their source of income is legit. While being important, KYC check shouldn’t be burdensome for players. A Trustly casino UK handles the bulk of the work and allows players to do only the bare minimum.

How Pay N Play Casinos Guarantee Excellent Gaming

Without exaggerating, no gambling site is as safe as a pay n play casino and this is made possible by the presence of high security measures like SSL digital encryption, verified transactions, fraud detection, and safe banking.

SSL Encryption

This ensures that the connection between the web browser and server cannot be hacked.


This helps banks to link their payments to intermediaries.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

This ensures that the identity of a player matches the one provided by the bank.

Game Fairness

This is one of the focus of regulatory authorities, and it is to make sure that online casinos operate with transparency.

Transaction Security

With a built-in chain of impenetrable protocols, transactions are kept safe from malicious activities.

Auto Exclusion

Adequate education is provided about gambling addiction and players already affected are given help.

How To Know A New Online Casino That Can Be Trusted

The most important thing about a new online casino is how secure it is. The online casino should have SSL encryption technology and should be overseen by a credible gambling authority, with a valid license as proof. Also, Random Number Generators (RNG) are a must along with their audits.

Ensure that punters from your jurisdiction are welcome at the online casino. It can be embarrassing to waste so much time during the sign up process, only to discover that players from your country are exempted from taking part in the casino.

A new online casino should also be home to a wide range of payment options. Players like to make deposits and withdrawals with their native currency, as well as their preferred payment option. Surely, a new online casino that is equipped with all this will instantly draw customers in their numbers. Lastly, ensure that your favourite games are among those which the casino offers.


Pay N Play Service Providers

Trustly is not the only company that is championing the pay n play product. Two other companies offer instant payments via your BankID.


Brite is a first-class company situated in Sweden that has recorded successes by improving on the framework introduced by other companies. Its services are used by a few online casino operators in Sweden.


This company is owned by Trustly and is ranked the second largest company in the no account casino niche. EnterCash works with S-Bank, Osuuspankki, and Nordea Bank to enable players to send and receive money faster.

Trustly remains unrivalled with regards to the pay n play payment method. In just one year, the company processed over 2 million transactions in the online gambling sector. Aside from the fast payment feature from Trustly, other benefits of going for new casinos that use Trustly include:

  1. Large Bonuses
    New online casinos often give out welcome bonuses in a bid to attract and retain the patronage of punters. These bonuses are made available in sizes players can’t refuse. The larger the offer, the more interested punters will become.
  2. Excellent Games Library
    Playing new game titles in established casinos is almost a hard thing. This is because they feel satisfied with what they already offer. The same is not so with new online casinos. These types ensure that their game catalogue is regularly updated with the latest games from trusted software providers.
  3. VIP Treatment For Loyal Customers
    In the highly competitive world of online gambling, a loyal customer is a treasure. This is why special rewards are created for those who fall within this category. There is an array of promotions and services that will make players feel appreciated, and therefore keep them coming back.
  4. Mobile Friendly
    Since online gambling has gone mobile, it is important for casino operators to keep up with the new trend. New casinos are designed with mobile devices in mind, hence the reason they are mobile friendly and have a wide range of mobile games.

Our Online Casino Selection Strategies

We are known for featuring only highly esteemed online casinos, and this is because of our strict review processes. We use a set of criteria to ensure that bad casinos do not make it to our list.


The funds and personal data of players is our priority, and the new casino must prove that they are guaranteed.


The available games must all be random in their outcomes, and the casino should be licensed by a globally recognized and independent authority.

Casino Promotions

Bonuses increase the desire to gamble, therefore we only seek to partner with new online casinos that have the best offers. We also look into their terms and conditions to ensure that they won’t be toxic to our readers.


To qualify for a spot on our site, the online casino must feature a variety of games.

Instant Payouts

Online casinos that are sluggish during payment transactions, be it deposits or withdrawals, will not be endorsed by us.

Mobile Gaming

For our players who prefer to gamble on their mobile devices, the casinos we pick are checked for mobile compatibility.

Real fun

We do not encourage nor select online casinos with boring, malfunctioning or outdated games.

Customer Support

The support team of the casino must be available round the clock to offer assistance to players that need it. This can be via email, live chat or phone.

Our Online Casino Selection Strategies

We are known for featuring only highly esteemed online casinos, and this is because of our strict review processes. We use a set of criteria to ensure that bad casinos do not make it to our list.


The funds and personal data of players is our priority, and the new casino must prove that they are guaranteed.


The available games must all be random in their outcomes, and the casino should be licensed by a globally recognized and independent authority.

Casino Promotions

Bonuses increase the desire to gamble, therefore we only seek to partner with new online casinos that have the best offers. We also look into their terms and conditions to ensure that they won’t be toxic to our readers.


To qualify for a spot on our site, the online casino must feature a variety of games.

Instant Payouts

Online casinos that are sluggish during payment transactions, be it deposits or withdrawals, will not be endorsed by us.

Mobile Gaming

For our players who prefer to gamble on their mobile devices, the casinos we pick are checked for mobile compatibility.

Real fun

We do not encourage nor select online casinos with boring, malfunctioning or outdated games.

Customer Support

The support team of the casino must be available round the clock to offer assistance to players that need it. This can be via email, live chat or phone.

Discover How To Make Your Online Casino Experience More Pleasant

The points that are outlined below will come in handy if your aim is to make the most of your selected online casino site:

  • The Casino Should Be Suitable For You: There are so many things that can make an online casino unfit for you. For example, players from your country may not be allowed to play there, or the available payment options may not serve your needs. Before choosing a casino, ensure that it meets all your needs.
  • There Should Be Various Kinds Of Bonuses: As a player looking to profit from your gambling, be sure that the casino is generous with bonuses and promotions. This will give your bankroll a much-needed boost. Also remember to check the wagering requirements that accompany the bonus deals, and decide if you can fulfil them within the given time. You should be aware that bonuses can be awarded in different ways, some may require a promo code, while others are given in batches. Make your decision based on what works for you.
  • What Is The Largest And Smallest Amount You Can Withdraw Or Deposit?: This is important to figure out as it will play a vital role when you decide to fund your account or collect your winnings. Some pay n play casinos have high deposit amounts, which makes the site inaccessible to low-rollers. Based on your financial structure, decide the best option for you and go for it.
  • Read Our Reviews: We exist for the purpose of guiding players to make the best online casino choices. By consuming our reviews, you will easily know which Trustly casino to settle for.

Available Games At New Online Casinos

If you are tired of playing old games, the one place you can be sure to find the latest games are in casinos that use Trustly. With these new games, your entertainment is sure to last for hours. You can also find interesting titles in some of the few older casinos that update their library regularly. A Trustly casino is more prone to going against the norm compared to established casinos. A pay n play casino, for instance, is more likely to offer games that are not conventional, a move its older counterparts will shy away from. These are thrills players live for and they are guaranteed at pay and play casinos.

Places To Find New Online Casinos

Every market differs in the rate at which new online casinos are launched. In some markets, new casinos are released monthly, while in some it is bimonthly and so on. This section will be focusing on the countries where the launch of new online casinos are more frequent.


In the United Kingdom, an impressive number of new online casinos are rolled out every month. These casino platforms are licensed and controlled by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), making them law abiding and a safe place to gamble.

Residents of Norway will enjoy an abundance of new online casinos because gambling options spring up on a monthly basis.

Canada is one of the countries that are in favour of Internet gambling. This country has laws that protect gambling and punters alike. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Canadian market is a good place to find the latest online casinos.

Due to the negative effects of illegal online casinos, Sweden made licensing a mandatory requirement to operate an online casino in the country. For this reason, every new online casino in Sweden is guaranteed to be safe due to the stringent regulations and monitoring they are subjected to.

Online casino business in Germany is very competitive, so new casino operators must be at their best in terms of features and licensing to stay above others.

Online gambling is becoming more accepted in Finland in recent years. New casino sites are coming up and with them are improved services.

Characteristics Of Legal Online Casinos

In the iGaming industry, there are both illegal and legal casino platforms looking for customers. Of course, players most of the time choose the legal casino sites. The reason is not far-fetched – they are transparent, safe, and have a good reputation. It takes a lot of skills to recognize a legitimate gambling site since there are many counterfeits out there. Not to worry, this section will reveal all you need to know.

You will gain more from gambling at an online casino that is legal. In addition to their simple terms and conditions and weighty bonuses and promotions, you’re bound to enjoy safe and fast payment structures. Furthermore, there is no cause for worry about the security of your money and personal information, as the casino takes care of them. You only need to focus on your gambling and work towards piling up winnings.

There are 4 features that reveal the legality of an online casino, and they include:

Don’t commit yourself financially to an online casino until you ascertain that they are regulated by the relevant authorities and operate with a license. A credible online casino will be overseen by at least one independent authority. There are many gambling regulators tasked with providing licenses for online casinos. Some are too lenient, which makes them attractive to disreputable casino owners. Licensing bodies that are highly-rated include the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar, and the Government of Curaçao.

These are the organizations responsible for the smooth operation of the iGaming industry. They ensure that players receive the right treatment always, and that games are fair. They also fight against money laundering.

Ensure that you learn the history of the online casino’s parent company. Some of them participate in illegal businesses. So, armed with such knowledge, you will be able to avoid becoming the victim of scammers. This is one area older casinos have an edge over new ones because they have stood the test of time. Notwithstanding, new casinos that are honest in their dealings are working hard to give their brand a good image.

Another way to spot a legitimate online casino is in the bonuses and promotions they offer. Legitimate online casinos spell out their rewards and their terms and conditions, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Legit online casinos only partner with credible software providers. Here are some of them: NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Play’n GO, Pragmatic, IGT and others. These companies are famous for the exciting casino games they make.

The above list is not conclusive. Other factors that help to identify a legal online casino are payment methods, customer support and safety.

No Deposit Bonus In A Trustly Casino

The no deposit bonus is one of the best bonuses you can claim in an online casino. The good news is that even the new breed of casinos (pay n play) have lots of them.

A no deposit bonus rewards players with free money when they sign up to a Trustly pay and play casino. To get this bonus, you don’t need to give the casino any money, unlike other bonus offers. This makes this bonus a great asset to new players, especially low-rollers.

The awesomeness of this bonus does not exempt it from wagering requirements, which must be met to enjoy all the benefits it holds. Endeavour to research about the no deposit bonus in question to know the terms and conditions it demands.

Those Eligible For A No Deposit Bonus

Depending on the player, a no deposit bonus may not be such a big deal. This bonus usually comes with a small sum of money, which high-rollers may find unattractive. However, for players who operate a small bankroll, this bonus is perfect for them. Since they wouldn’t want to waste their small fund on bets they aren’t sure of, they use the bonus to play risky games without any consequence on their main balance. Additionally, Players who want to perfect their gambling strategies will find a no deposit bonus to be a lot of fun.

Features Of A No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus has a wagering bonus which must be played through before the winnings gotten from the bonus can be collected by the player.
Another feature of the bonus is that it has a maximum amount you can win. A player will only be given the maximum amount of the bonus, regardless of what they earned while using the no deposit bonus. If the player wins a substantial amount of money with the bonus, only a fraction of that sum will be released to them at the end of the day.
A typical no deposit bonus has a very low maximum win. So pay attention to the terms and conditions before claiming it.
You won’t find the no deposit bonus in every online casino, this is because not all operators can afford to give out free money to players. However, if you do find and the terms and conditions surrounding it are burdensome, then it is better to forgo the offer.
Players are restricted from claiming the winnings obtained using a no deposit bonus until they meet its wagering requirements. The bonus cash must be played through in order to convert them into real money. Any attempt to withdraw them without fulfilling the requirements will be resisted by the operators.

How To Choose The Right No Deposit Bonus

Follow the steps below to find the right no deposit bonus for you:

Discover Why You Want The Bonus

All bonuses serve different purposes, and knowing what you want out of them will guide your choice. A no deposit bonus comes in two main types; free cash or free spins. They are offered to help players enjoy games for free and in return, the casino gains more clients.

Pick A Suitable Bonus

Sometimes, players make the mistake of thinking that the size of a bonus translates to a better offer. In some cases, the small sized bonuses are better compared to bigger ones. What makes the difference is the maximum wins and rollover requirements they have.

Know The Rules Of The Bonus

Every casino has a set of rules that must be obeyed to enjoy the bonus in its entirety. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions in order to learn all the hidden information that has a direct effect on the bonus. Some rules to be mindful of include:

  • Excluded bet types
  • Bet size limit
  • Permitted games
  • Wagering requirements
  • Bonus expiry

Also find out whether players from your country are permitted to claim the no deposit bonus.

Monitor The Wagering Requirements

Find out what the wagering requirements of the no deposit bonus are so that you can devise a way to convert your bonus funds into real money. In many pay n play casinos, this has already been taken care of. A progress bar is available for you to track your progress. This can be located by clicking the "Active Bonus" button.

Cash Out At The Appropriate Time

Resist the urge to click on the cashout button until you have fulfilled the wagering requirements of the bonus. The transgression of this instruction will instantly attract a suspension or a permanent closure of your account. With all these tips, you will find it easier to claim your no deposit bonus, and convert it into real cash within the stipulated time.

Give Pay N Play Casinos A Try

The future of the iGaming industry is headed towards Trustly pay and play casinos, and this is indeed good news because life will generally become easier for players. There will be no more account creation or password losses. Players can fund their accounts in no time using a more secure payment avenue. When they initiate a withdrawal, the transfer of their funds will happen instantly, unlike what is currently on ground in most online casinos.

Casinos that use Trustly are experts when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. They operate a high speed transaction technology with the best security protocols. With pay n play casinos, the end of slow payments and malicious attacks on online casinos has finally come. These amazing casinos are yet to spread to the rest of the world, and are only enjoyed by those in northern Europe. This is expected to change as Trustly continues to expand its services all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, Trustly is a middleman between online merchants, such as online casinos, and banks. If you own an online bank account in any country where Trustly operates, then you can use Trustly’s services. If you want to fund your online casino using Trustly, simply select it among other banking options and type in the amount you wish to fund your account with. Once this is done, confirm your payment by logging in using your regular online banking details, and that’s it. No sign up required.

Yes, Trustly is absolutely safe on various levels. The fintech company will not ask for your sensitive financial data. You won’t be asked to provide your credit/debit card number, bank account number, or anything related to them. Also, Trustly is heavily encrypted, so your data is safe at all times.

Trustly will not charge its end users any fee. If any fee is deducted, then your bank or online casino is responsible for it.

Yes, Trustly can be used to withdraw and also deposit at your favourite online casino. Thanks to Trustly, withdrawals are instant, but this only applies to a pay n play casino. Conventional casinos will still take some time to process your withdrawal request.

Yes, Trustly’s services are available in the UK. However, confirm that your bank supports Trustly to avoid extra charges when you decide to use it as your payment method at online casino sites.